At long last I am proud to share with the world over 20 years of photographic work largely never before seen. Like many artists past and present, I have spent a great deal of energy on conceptualizing, capturing, and processing the moments, memories, moods, and all the elements that make up these images. The time has come for me to direct my efforts towards the final phase in the creative process: exhibition, sharing, and reflection. To start, I would like to present the first three of what I hope would be many series to come: Suburban Roots, Prince Quarry, and Nicaragua.

The online galleries presented on this site are meant to provide an overall impression of my photographic repetoire, rather than serve as a collection containing my complete work. In some instances I chose to display all the images from a particular series, as in the case of Prince Quarry and Nicaragua-La Boquita. Quite a few images, however, may be only viewed by attending a current or upcoming exhibitions. The Suburban Roots series contains both images displayed only for exhibition and images displayed only online.

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